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Liz Kirian


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I'm a crazy artist and animal lover.  I'm obsessed with dogs and have recently become a crazy cat lady too! I have two dogs, two cats and one beautiful wife. I live in Idaho with my family and enjoy the peaceful nature and mountains that surround me.


I've worked in the design and photography industry for the past 18 years. My art and photography has been published in many popular magazines including; Curve Magazine, The Knot, Southern Pinups, Southern Living and Shore Magazine. I currently have a POP art installation at Think Office Interiors-West Elm Work space in San Diego, California.  

ART is my life and the reason I get excited to wake up each day! Another day, another piece of art.


My story:

It all started back in 1986 when I got my first camera - a red Polaroid Cool Cam. I would stay up late in my bedroom, dressing my dog up in silly clothes and then photographing him until he wouldn't pose for me anymore. His name was Charlie and that's where this story begins.

Let's fast forward ten years and many Polaroids later. I start college and study graphic design. While in college I took an old school black & white photography class. Photography instantly became my passion! Now it's time to practice and perfect my skills. What a perfect subject I have to practice my new trade... Sharkie: my Shetland Sheepdog.


Sharkie was by far the best subject ever! He had no problem wearing hats and sunglasses. Sharky would strike a pose and wait patiently while I adjusted the settings on my camera. I loved that dog so much! I'm so glad to have beautiful photos and art to remember his adorable face.


It's 2002 and I graduate college with a degree in graphic arts and photography. My first job out of college was in the screen printing industry and I learned more about graphic design there than in all the years in college. In 2003 I started a new position as a portrait photographer at Glamour Shots. You can laugh about the fact that I worked at Glamour Shots, but it taught me that I didn't want to work for anyone else. I'm a free spirit, dreamer, designer, artist and entrepreneur. 

I opened Kirian Photography Studio in 2004 and specialized in family and wedding portraits. I encouraged each family to bring their furry kids along for the photo shoot. The wedding industry was booming and "Man's Best Friend" wasn't exactly the best photo assistant.


One morning, I woke up from a dream that my dog Bitsy Peabody had her own art gallery with paw prints in every color of the rainbow all over the walls. So, I started photographing dogs and creating POP art with all the cute, fuzzy faces.


It's 2015 and I wake up from another dream about dogs. This time my deceased Dad told me to paint a picture of Sharky.

So, here I am!


I'm here to create a modern, fun and unique POP ART portrait of your pet.




Liz Kirian

P.S. Check out my Etsy shop too! 


Charlie 1986